Case study / Main Cinema Evolves With Trinnov WaveForming and Krix


Main Cinema Evolves With Trinnov WaveForming and Krix

Work is now complete on constructing an evolved version of our Main Cinema. We are excited to reveal new functionality as the cinema is now offering Trinnov WaveForming technology in partnership with Krix speakers and enhanced acoustic treatment from Vicoustic. 

A subtle, but beautiful floral design adorns the walls which are in fact Vicoustic Acoustic panels treating and improving the room’s audio abilities, so right from the off we are dealing with form meeting function to a very high-level. Perhaps the next thing that draws the eyes is the attractive Vicoustic diffusers which are mounted at regular vertical intervals around the room, framing the space and adding another level of sophistication and drama. Once again, the design is multi-functional as behind the diffusers is intelligent Lutron lighting adding even more aesthetic impact and practical results bringing the house lights up and down as required. Form meeting function is taken to even greater heights here as some of the diffuser panels do not just hide lighting, but speakers too, as the freshly installed new array from Krix take their place. 

Completing the acoustic treatment in the room is a beautiful black Vicoustic sculptural ceiling mounted diffuser, again adding great visual impact with practical advantages to the audio performance. The acoustic treatment in the space has recently been updated to include more diffusion and take full advantage of the Trinnov WaveForming technology offering greater coverage of the whole space especially at the rear seats. For an explainer on the advantages of WaveForming technology, check out this page from Trinnov's website or read our news announcement on the upgrade here.  

Kapes Patel, our COO explains, “Designing a true high-performance Cinema for us was never going to be just about hitting recommended industry levels for out-put, room dimensions and so on, that is a given. We wanted to go further and come up with ways to combine interior design and performance not as a compromise with each other, but as a single entity taking a genuinely holistic approach where everything improves the look, feel and performance of everything else. The diffusers/lighting panel/speaker covers are just one example of this approach which permeates throughout the cinema. We are also now really excited to be able to offer next level audio performance with the recent inclusion of the WaveForming technology from Trinnov."

New levels of performance, comfort and design

Continuing the opulent approach to this space, are two rows of Fortress Seating. On the front row are four West End models (two with lounger extensions) and on the back four sumptuous Nova models. All the seats have been fitted with slightly different abilities and control button arrays to show the versatility of what Fortress Seating can deliver. After the initial impact of noting how comfortable and fantastic looking these seats are, like the rest of the cinema, the positive first impression goes to another level when you realise how precise and user friendly the adjustment capabilities are. Whether it’s finding the right height for your feet or the exact support necessary for the head and neck, these expertly created seats deliver. Even before the performance starts, this cinema puts you in the best of moods, relaxed and ready to be entertained.

This cinema benefits from some truly cutting-edge world-class equipment. Sim2’s Nero Gold 4S takes our understanding of what an image can be like to new heights especially when it comes to HDR.   

Kapes explains. “HDR has long been held aloft as the next generation of viewing technologies to really deliver at a new experience. As is always the case, technologies arrive before equipment makers and content producers fully understand how to get the very best out of it. However, it is also true that there comes a point where you can say, this is what it is supposed to be like, and boy is it good!”

Delivering the audio to populate this world class cinema is a collection of Krix home cinema speakers laid out to deliver the true potential of not just Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, but now Trinnov WaveForming as well. 

With decades of experience in the domestic and commercial cinema world's Krix has built an enviable reputation for outstanding performance and reliability and we are delighted to welcome this fantastic brand to the Pulse Cinemas Main Cinema experience.   

Many other Pulse Cinemas high-performance staples populate this cinema. Kaleidescape is of course front and centre providing the content and a Décor Mask Screen Research installation provides the perfect partner for the rest of the equipment as well as delivering even more aesthetic value to the room. Other more recent additions to the Cinema include SurgeX power conditioning and protection, and a MadVR Envy Extreme MK2 video processor to take imaging performance to even greater heights. 

Kapes sums up, “Home cinema to a point has always attempted to mimic its commercial counter-part and why not, we started out trying to match its performance, but then we went past what most commercial cinemas achieve. Certain aesthetic and build approaches were necessary to get there, but the knowledge and abilities of the systems we have now can take home cinema into a new era standing proudly on its own, not just a noisy neighbour, but as good as any high-level commercial cinema performance wise, but of course better because we can completely personalise each creation for each client. Come and see what we have built here and learn how to re-create it for your customers.”

Main Cinema Equipment List

Projector: Sim2 Nero Gold 4S

Screen: XLR3 Deco Mask 150”

Amplifiers: 2 x Trinnov Amplitude 16

Speakers: Krix Theatrix x 3 (front, full-range, L/C/R), Hyperphonix A45 x 3 (above screen height channels), Hyperphonix A45 x 8 (surrounds), Cyclonix 18 Subs x 8  WaveForming configuration (four in front, four in rear), IC-52 in-ceiling angled x 6 (height channels), IC-50 in-ceiling x 2 (height channels)                                      

Processor: Trinnov Altitude 32

Power Conditioning: SurgeX

Acoustic Treatment: Behind Front Wall - Vicoustic MD55 

Walls Absorption – Custom printed Vicoustic VMT panels installed in VicSpacer System

Wall Diffusion – Vicoustic VicPattern Ultra Wavewood

Ceiling Absorption – Vicoustic VMT Panels installed in VicSpacer System

Ceiling Diffusion – Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 36

Image Enhancement: MadVR Envy Extreme MK2

Seating: Back Row – Fortress Nova Theatre Chair with DBOX. Luxtan Taupe Premium Leather

Front Row – Fortress West End Theatre Chair – Ultraposh Serengeti Premium Suede effect fabric