Case study / Space saving, high-performance apartment cinema


Space saving, high-performance apartment cinema

This high-spec, clever design delves into the Pulse Cinemas brand line-up to create a home cinema that not only delivers flawless performance, but fits perfectly into and enhances this stylish living room.


Apartment living in the UK’s urban areas is a growing phenomenon. These spaces, though more compact than other types of dwellings, are often high-spec in finish and their occupants demand a high-standard from everything the home offers. This applies just as much to any entertainment systems they require. This system has been created exactly for a customer with a stylish living space, but with limited options for product integration due to being part of a MDU development.

In this instance the combination of a Screen Research DecorMask screen and Sim2’s new Domino DTV S short-throw projector are the perfect partners. Read more about the Domino DTV S here, but the headlines are that this is a new price point for high-performance short-throw projectors. The projector is equipped with a pure laser system (only RGB lasers not hybrid) delivering strong brightness and vivid colours, with a massive colour space that exceeds the REC 2020. These and other abilities of the projector, make it perfect for this type of space where its ability to be built into the attractive bespoke made cabinetry saves space, but also delivers the brightness and picture quality needed in this type of room where ambient light is going to an issue. The whole team is excited about this new projector, it really does take this type of functionality into a new space, its versatile and powerful in equal measure.

Partnering the Sim2 and also the perfect fit for spaces such as this, is the Screen Research DecorMask fixed screen. This extremely well put together and stylish apartment benefits from the customer being able to add to their interior with a spectacular piece of genuine artwork when the screen is not in use, and of course enjoy high-performance imaging when the system comes to life. This combination is able to deliver great movies experiences, but equality deal with the changing formats and content types needed to enjoy streaming services, sports from cable operators and also gaming too. The expertly designed cabinetry provides the storage for all the sources the customer needs including a legacy disc collection.

In harmony with the home


The cabinets also provide a platform for the rest of the system which includes the powerful Anthem MRX740 AVR, capable of delivering the seven speaker, two sub 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos array employed in this cinema. This much in demand brand has proved with this and other recent releases that few makers on the planet can match it in delivering a family of products able to deliver for all types and sizes of home cinemas. It fits the needs of this system like a glove and delivers all the grunt and precision needed for the system to deliver any type of content with ease. Stored out of sight, the film source for this room is the Kaleidescape Strato 6TB Movie Server, simply the world’s best content delivery system and one that produces great results in partnership with the Sim2 and Screen Research products.

Paradigm provides the integrated speakers for this project offering all the subtlety and punch a modern home cinema needs. These high-quality speakers are also great for music only playback, an option this living room space uses a lot of the time. Changing lighting scenes and controlling ambient light when needed is vital in this living room cinema and a full complement of Lutron HomeWorks lighting and shading is on call to make sure the mood is right for every occasion. A modern home such as this is going to want control for the cinema to be simple, but advanced. In steps the RTI control pack created exactly for spaces such as this making using this cinema simple for all the family and friends too.

The amount and type of spaces that can enjoy a full home cinema experience has expanded greatly in recent years in no small part dues to players such as Sim2 and Screen Research re-writing the rule book on what is possible. This apartment home cinema just underlines that development and is only available to Pulse Cinemas customers.

Equipment List

Screen: Screen Research DecorMask FDM-110-178-UWB

Projector: SIM2 DTV

Speakers: Paradigm P1 X 3 – LCR; Paradigm P80-A x 2 – SURROUNDS; Paradigm P80-R x 2 – ATMOS

Subwoofers: Paradigm Defiance V10 x 2 – SUBS

Processing: Anthem MRX740 – AVR

Sources: Kaleidescape Strato 6TB – Movie Server

Control: RTI CCK32 – Control pack including remote, processor and 1 iPad licence

Lighting: Lutron intelligent lighting and shading