Getting the best from the world's best home cinema screen manufacturer, Screen Research, takes a combination of experience, supply sophistication, knowledgeable support and of course a choice of demonstration facilities where you can see the products in action. Pulse cinemas delivers all of these and more.

Step into the future of visual indulgence with Screen Research, a brand synonymous with uncompromising quality and innovation. Pulse Cinemas is proud to have been at the forefront of integrating Screen Research solutions into our offerings for many years elevating the cinematic experience our dealers are able to deliver to their customers.

Our journey in the AV industry has been marked by continuous innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With over two decades of experience, Pulse Cinemas has become a name you can trust for cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer support. Screen Research has been a huge part of that journey allowing us to grow and deliver ever increasing performance curves and make good on any aesthetic ambition.

Demonstration is of course key in our business for dealers to learn more and for customers to experience a world-class home cinema for themselves and inspire them to want the very best for their own home.

Pulse Cinemas state-of-the-art demonstration experiences can be found in London, St Albans and at Pulse Cinemas HQ in Stansted. Each location is a testament to our dedication in providing the ultimate AV experience, with Screen Research taking centre stage. Visitors can witness the clarity, colour accuracy and the craftsmanship that define Screen Research projection screens in a wide variety of guises and approaches.

Demo Spaces Showcasing Screen Research

Minotti London

Minotti London offers a stunning blend of modern interior design and advanced home cinema technology, showcasing a perfect harmony between the two. As the desire for fully integrated media experiences grows, Minotti London is the perfect place to discover how to achieve harmony with Screen Research at the heart of the experience.   

The Hub on Verulam

‘The Hub on Verulam’ is fantastic space for dealers and their customers to see demos in two different areas and styles. An exceptional, meticulously crafted venue, located just North of London in St Albans, this hospitality focused space provides a fantastic place to entertain and inspire customers and experience Screen Research.  

Reference Cinema

Months of planning and execution, decades of expert experience poured into every aspect of this space, we are confident that our high-functioning Reference Cinema will change the way you perceive the sector forever. The most recent upgrades deliver Trinnov WaveForming and a Krix speaker array to further complement the advanced DecorMask Screen Research model installed in this special room.

Clive Christian

Exciting developments await as we announce the upcoming collaboration with Clive Christian, creators of the finest in bespoke luxury furniture based in London’s fashionable South Kensington. Integrating Clive Christian’s timeless elegance with Screen Research's advanced technology and aesthetic abilities, this unique partnership promises to redefine luxury AV experiences.

Stock holding

The Pulse Cinemas on-line store offers a fast and efficient way to connect with the Screen Research stock you need. Many models are available immediate ordering and shipping. If dealers can locate what they need or have an ambitious bespoke design in mind, get in touch

Our Commitment

At Pulse Cinemas, we remain committed to providing installers with not only top-tier products but also a personalised and seamless integration process. Supply of products is just one part of the experience when working with Pulse Cinemas, a total package of support, design advice and in-person experiences elevate the offering. Maximise your client’s AV and home cinema experience with Screen Research and Pulse Cinemas.