Case study / Swimming Pool Home Cinema


Swimming Pool Home Cinema

With the support of Pulse Cinemas and the skill of our installation partners, world-class cinemas can be created for almost any environment. With the many hard surfaces in this stylish space offering particular challenges, creating the right performance was no easy task, particularly for the audio. However, the combination of Pulse Cinemas ingredients and the right amount of installer know-how, resulted in this stunning space. 

Every sound engineer knows that the hard walls and floors in an environment like this can really compromise the perfect soundscape. The degree to which Pulse Cinemas' products (both loudspeakers and sound management equipment, such as amplifiers, processors and conditioners) give our Dealer-Installers a level of precision that really delivers.

An Anthem MRX 540 processor is in place here to do just that and work in partnership with the five Paradigm CI Pro speakers and Defiance subwoofer from the same brand. IsoTek power conditioning is also in place to give all of the electronics a solid base from which to work and to protect the system from power surges or spikes.

The unique nature of this room means a conventional projector and screen combination was not the best option, so the installer created a special two-way privacy glass screen on which the images appear, delivered by a Digital Projection E-Vision 4K projector. 

This projector has a laser light source which means it can produce over 20,000 hours of illumination with incredible detail and high-brightness. The projector also needs only minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime. The high-class audio-visual experience does not end with the projector and screen however, as a Loewe – bild 7.77 television is also available in the room.

This cinema proves that no matter the location or requirement, Pulse Cinemas and our installation partners have the products and the knowledge to create a truly memorable experience. Ben Lancaster, UK Sales Manager, Pulse Cinemas

Loewe makes some of the best televisions in the world and this beautiful looking OLED screen delivers the highest quality image, when the content to be watched is more suited to its screen size and location within the room. 

Relaxing in or around the pool, the owners wanted access to all their favourite content at the touch of a button, so a Kaleidescape Strato system was fitted which, through its intuitive and attractive interface, offers a window into a whole world of movie excitement, world-class documentaries, stunning live music performaces and even home videos. 

Lighting in an area such as this is particularly important in order to create the right atmosphere, but also to maintain safety. An automated Lutron lighting system is in place to provide the desired experience, controlled by a an RTI automation system, making operation both intuitive and fun. This system also controls the entire room.

IsoTek power conditioning and cleaning products lift the performance of the cinema and protect from surges and spikes and the room also receives the support of a Pulse-Eight video distribution system. 

Pulse Cinemas Suggested Equipment List: Swimming Pool Cinema 

  • Processor - Anthem - MRX 540
  • Speakers - LCR/Surrounds - Paradigm - CI Pro P80-RX
  • Subwoofer - Paradigm - Defiance X12 
  • Power Conditioning - IsoTek
  • TV - Loewe - bild 7.77
  • Screen - two-way privacy glass
  • Projector - Digital Projection - Evison 4K projector
  • Movie/Content Playback - Kaleidescape Strato
  • Lighting - Lutron QS System
  • Control System - RTI with 11 Inch touch panel KA11
  • Video Distribution - Pulse Eight