Case study / Beautiful Balcony Cinema


Beautiful balcony Cinema

This beautiful cinema space shows what can be achieved when scale meets meticulous attention to detail. Housed within this sweeping two-tiered room, which echoes the golden age of cinema and ocean travel, is a high-performance cinema which matches the plush interior to perfection.

Created by Pulse Cinema’s in-house design team, the stunning space creates a special feel of luxury, timeless design and comfort. Design cues also echo the room’s main purpose, as the clever wall designs hint at the action of a camera lens and the whole room just invites those who visit to sit back and enjoy a movie experience they will never forget.

Only Pulse Cinemas has the in-house expertise to create complete designs such as these, taking care of every single aspect needed to create the performance, style and comfort needed to deliver this ‘Mona Lisa’ of cinemas.

This cinema offers the very top end of what can be accomplished with today’s immersive audio technologies, being able to deliver all three of the systems in use throughout the world today; Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS:X. This capability ensures that no matter where you are seated during the performance, the audio envelopes, involves and surrounds you. Delivering all the power needed for the audio playback are a combination of StormAudio processors, and Paradigm speakers and amplification.

Timeless design

Fitting for a room which takes many design cues from timeless design classics, with strong hints of Art Deco and aesthetically pleasing curves, the cinema has a Screen Research curved acoustically transparent screen which not only delivers the perfect surface to enjoy the content on, but reflects the room’s own design cues back into this opulent space.

Fitting for a space of this size, Pulse Cinemas called on the power and precision delivered by Digital Projection, the UK manufacturer of high-end projectors. Unique as the only manufacturer to have ever won an Emmy Award (two, in fact) for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering, few companies on the planet have a cinema pedigree to match Digital Projection. The company’s roots go back to the famous Rank Organization which formed Digital Projection back in the late eighties to explore the projection technologies of the future. All of this knowhow can be witnessed in the stunning images created in this theatre.

Controlling sounds in a space like this can be a challenge, but Pulse again was able to tame the audio and deliver the experience required with a full acoustic treatment package from Vicoustic.

All of the seating in this cinema was created by Pulse Cinema’s go-to partner for all things comfort, Fortress Seating. Another company with huge experience, the mix of traditional cinema seats (which have a built-in surprise) and loungers make enjoying content in this cinema an experience you won’t want to end.

The traditional cinema seating also has the included excitement of D-Box technology which allows the seats to move with the content, adding an extra level of drama and excitement.

Much of the content in this cinema is delivered by Kaleidescape Strato 4K and Premier Line System with Disc Vault system. The last word in content server and online delivery systems, Kaleidescape matches the luxury experience of the cinema with its beautiful interface and flawless playback of any type of content – be it a movie or concert footage.

Lighting is hugely important in a cinema such as this, as the best cinemas create tension and excitement well before the content starts. The initial impact of the room without content playing screams class and high-quality, and then as the lights slowly dim and bring the audiences’ attention to the screen, the magic begins. For this cinema, a full Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting System with DMX Interface was used to provide the power and subtlety needed to present the room in its best possible light.

All of this power needs to be tamed somehow, and in this space it is done to perfection via an RTI Control System with 10in touch panel giving the user access to all the cinema's features.

Control and content deliver is also assisted via a Pulse-Eight video distribution system. 

The cinema also benefits from enhanced protection from electrical surges and spikes as well as a boost to performance via IsoTek conditioning and protection products. 

Luxury Loft Cinema Suggested Equipment List

High Quality Immersive Audio

  • Storm Audio ISP 3D.32 Elite 32 Channel Processor
  • Storm Audio PA 8 Ultra Elite 8 Channel Amplifier
  • Storm Audio PA 16 Elite 16 Channel Amplifier
  • James M1000 Sub amplifier x 13
  • LCR (x3) – James Loudspeaker MQ84 with M152 subwoofers below for low frequencies
  • Surrounds – James QX806BE x 10
  • Atmos – FXAQ550S x 8
  • Front Subs – M213 x2
  • Side Subs – M1040BMS x6
  • Rear Subs – M152 x2
  • IsoTek - Power Conditioning

World Class Projection & Screen Combination

  • Screen Research T-XLR3 Theatre curve Acoustically Transparent Screen
  • Digital Projection Hyperion Laser 8K Projector

Perfect mix of high performance and high luxury environment

  • Vicoustic Pro Acoustic package
  • Fortress Solo Cinema Seating
  • Kaleidescape Strato 4K & Premier Line System with Disc Vault
  • RTI Control System with 10in Touch panel
  • Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting System with DMX Interface
  • DBOX Technologies – Motion Actuator System installed into the Fortress seats
  • Pulse Eight - Video distribution system