Storm Audio
Power Amplifier

StormAudio forms the beating heart of any home cinema system right now and into the future. All home cinemas need strong processors and amplification to create the sound and images that fill the space with excitement.

Immersive Audio Technologies designs and manufactures audio amplifiers and processors in France, globally distributed under its primary brand StormAudio.

The company has a passion for superior audio electronics which drives the development for evermore accomplished products that take cinema performance to the cutting edge and into the future.

The team which designs and supports the products has, between them, over 100 years of experience in the audio market and are committed to delivering top end performance that is the brand’s hallmark. StormAudio’s products are focused on bringing today’s immersive audio technologies to life and exploiting their potential to the fullest possible extent. As formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D deliver a new level of surround sound immersive experiences, StormAudio has been at the forefront of delivering these formats into the home from the start and will continue to develop its offering alongside changes and advancements in formats and the needs of installers.

Cooking up a storm

StormAudio has the newest, most innovative line of preamp / amplified processors and multi-channel power amplifiers in the high-end home cinema category. Designed for the most demanding customers and installers, key attributes include superior sound, system expandability, extreme reliability and remote management.

StormAudio’s line-up offers 16-, 20- and 32-channel immersive audio preamp processors, available in analogue or digital configurations, and fully customisable upon order to make sure every project gets just what it needs. Built on a modular platform, all processors are ready for future channel expansion and feature upgrades, keeping the range right at the peak of what is possible.

A 16-channel amplified processor (combination amp/processor) and 8- and 16-channel power amplifiers complement the processor range. These 200W per channel powerhouses are class-D designs, built on commercial chassis and use the best quality components and materials for the ultimate in sound and reliability.

The hardware solutions are designed and manufactured in France, with meticulous attention to detail and performance, offering unsurpassed value for money.

All of the processors also feature Dirac Live Room Calibration, native 9.1.6 processing and the brand’s StormMonitoring remote supervision and diagnostics tool.

Put simply, StormAudio forms the beating heart of any home cinema system right now and into the future.

All this power and precision is only available in the UK from the family of custom installers and retailers who purchase their home cinema ingredients from Pulse Cinemas.