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Alcons Audio Delivers Dynamite Audio For Plush Home Cinema

This stylish home cinema features many of Pulse Cinema’s key ingredients for creating a world-class home result including recent addition Alcons Audio

As well as its stunning good looks, one of the first things to note about this Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Pro capable home cinema is the full complement of Alcons Audio speakers that deliver the sound in this high-performance home cinema room. Alcons has recently joined the Pulse Cinemas family and represents the state-of-the-art sound in terms of delivering the best professional level audio in a home cinema set up.

This is made possible because Alcons Audio has built its reputation on being one of the leaders in audio for the fixed and touring professional audio markets and uses the same technology as it does in the world’s best pro cinemas for its domestic focused products.

LCR and surround sound channels are supplied by products from Alcons Audio’s CRMS-series (Cinema Reference Monitor Systems) which of course are packed with this innovative maker’s own high-performance technologies.  

The CRMS-series features Alcons’ multiple-patented RBN pro-ribbon transducer technology which delivers uncoloured, ultra-low distortion 1:1 reproduction of all of today’s HD and UHD media types. These speakers are also designed to operate with very low distortion characteristics which means reproduction is free from listening fatigue and delivers incredibly clear dialogue.

The CRMS-series also delivers intuitive linear response with highly impressive definition and dynamics as well as a flat frequency response up to/beyond 20kHz with optimised phase response. The drivers also offer very precise horizontal and vertical projection control with a huge ‘sweet-spot’. As all the different models in the range use the same mid/high transducers, an extremely uniform sound stage is created to enjoy any type of content from live music concerts, movies, sport or music only playback.

The speakers are partnered by Alcon Audio’s in house created Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers created specifically from the ground up to drive the maker’s speaker ranges. The Sentinels deliver a powerful four-channel DSP-based controller with audiophile-grade high-headroom ClassD amplifier stages. The controllers deliver equalising, delay, user-pre-sets and system feedback capabilities.

The Sentinels also offer the company’s completely unique Signal Integrity Sensing (SIS) cable compensation technology. This feature dynamically compensates the effects of long speaker cable runs resulting in a tight sub and bass response regardless of cable length or impedance.


Perfect partners

Delivering the power needed for this fearsome home cinema is a Trinnov Altitude32 processor, a brand with a well-established relationship with Alcons Audio. Packed with all the latest technology designed to make the very best performance in home cinema possible. 

Also assisting with the audio performance is a complete package of Vicoustic VMT acoustic treatments. The treatments do not just help tame and focus sound within the room, but also add to the smooth, cool look of the room too.

Providing stunning visuals to match the powerful audio in this home cinema is the Sim2 4 Crystal SH projector, the Italian maker’s very first laser-hybrid light source machine. The projector leverages a new high-precision lens, the very latest 0.66in DMD with state-of-the-art processing and powerful HDR management. Partnering the Sim2 is a high-performance Screen Research audio transparent screen with Décor Masking which allows the display of the users’ choice of artwork when the screen is not in use, either when the cinema is completely at rest or music only playback is in operation.  

Offering the very best source for high-performance home cinema available, a Kaleidescape Strato 12TB system is in place to ensure the user can enjoy the vey best quality playback delivered over the brand’s famous, attractive and easy to navigate interface.  

Underpinning, protecting and promoting the very best performance in this home cinema is Isotek’s Theta from its Smart Power range. Theta features a dedicated circuit to remove both differential and common mode mains noise from each output socket preventing mains noise cross contamination between connected electronics. Theta also offers 67,500A protection from dangerous power surges and voltage spikes and can be dialled into to check system health from off-site.

Comfortable seating is a must in a cinema of this quality and this cinema gets the very best in the form of a complement of Odeon chairs from Fortress Seating. All of these highly luxurious and beautiful seats include full D-BOX motion control to add an extra level of physical interaction with the content.

All the power and the glory of this home cinema is bought to heel by home automation platform RTI which offers up an easy to understand, but comprehensive control and automation interface for all of the cinema’s functions. With RTI woven into the DNA of the cinema, all the key functions happen automatically like the lights dimming at the right time and all the AV equipment coming on-line at the right time, but also offers the user the chance to go into all the cinemas abilities during playback to give an extra level of control.

Finishing off the operational abilities and look of the cinema is a Lutron Homeworks QS lighting system which delivers the practical needs of the project, but also creates atmosphere and the final flourish to the look of this world-class home cinema.  

Equipment List

Screen - Screen Research FDM-150-178-UWB

Projector - Sim2 Crystal SH 

Processor -  Trinnov Altitude32

Amplification - Alcons Audio Sentinel Amps 

Speakers - Alcons Audio CRMS-series Speaker System; LCR: CRMS MK2, Surrounds & Front wides: CRMSC-SRIW, 

Atmos Speakers: CRMSC-SRIW/120, Subs: CRMS-LFE18

Acoustic Treatment - Vicoustic VMT Package 

Seating - Fortress Odeon Seating (D-BOX motion control)

Power Conditioning - Isotek Theta 

Automation - RTI control system 

Lighting - Lutron Homeworks QS system 

Content Source - Kaleidescape Strato 12TB 



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