Case study / Home Cinema In Luxury Living Room


Home Cinema In Luxury Living Room

This luxury lounge home cinema enjoys the best of high-quality furniture, light fittings, window treatments and carpets. However, it has another trick up its sleeve, a cinema which comes to life only when required and for the rest of the time stays completely hidden in this well-appointed and attractive room. This level of performance combined with total integration with the living space, is only achievable through Pulse Cinemas and its family of highly skilled install partners. 

One of the aspects of this cinema which is on show the whole time is the highly attractive, but also functional VicWallpaper from audio wizards Vicoustic

VicWallpaper is a revolutionary way of acoustic and thermal isolation, which delivers practical results, but also has the benefit of being highly attractive. 

The wall treatments in this cinema, not only keep the room isolated from the rest of the home and deliver in room enhancements to the sound, but they also match and indeed improve the aesthetic in the space. A genuine high-performance concept created specifically for this purpose.

For the audio-visual element of the room, the owners can enjoy watching a top performing 4K Loewe - bild 7.77 television, a brand that sets itself apart from the crowd with superior styling, luxury finishes and high-performance.

When it is time to enhance the viewing experience further, a full-blown cinema comes to life as the Screen Research MS3-IS in-ceiling motorised screen and SIM2 Domino 4 UHD Projector lower from their hiding places in the ceiling to deliver the magic for movie time. 

Both these high-performance products offer the very best images available without encroaching on the owner’s desire for how the room should look when the cinema is at rest. 

A full complement of Paradigm loudspeaker products are deployed and carefully woven into the fabric of the room. 

The complement includes a sound-bar to enhance the audio when watching television, but also a full sound-sound package for when the full cinema is on show. 

An Anthem MRX740 holds the performance of the cinema together and keeps the content where it needs to be quality wise. This meaty machine can deliver the power and processing the cinema needs for a truly immersive experience. 

To match the luxury of the room, the owners wanted access to the best and most attractive movie and content delivery system available, so a Kaleidescape Strato was specified and fitted to the system. 

Kaleidescape’s intuitive interface allows the owners to find the content they want quickly and fuss free. 

The lighting in this room has to cope with very different requirements. When the cinema is at rest, it needs to show off the high-class interior, when the cinema is in use, the lights need to drop away and deliver the movie magic the owners are after. 

The Lutron QS system enables exactly that. Working in concert with an RTI home automation system, which pulls all of the elements in the room together. 

IsoTek power conditioning products deliver clean and constant power to the equipment allowing the cinema to increase its performance levels and a video distribution system from Pulse-Eight provides stability and signal quality. 


Pulse Cinemas Suggested Equipment List: Luxury Suite Home Cinema 

  • Processor - Anthem - MRX740
  • Speakers –  LCRs Paradigm Ci Pro P5, Surround & Surround Backs –  Paradigm Ci Pro P3, Atmos – Paradigm Ci Pro P80-R
  • Subwoofers – Paradigm Defiance X12’s
  • Power Conditioning - IsoTek 
  • TV - Loewe - bild 7.77
  • Screen - Screen Research - MS3-IS In ceiling motorised screen
  • Projector - SIM2 - Domino 4 UHD Projector
  • Movie/Content Playback - Kaleidescape Strato
  • Lighting - Lutron QS System
  • Control System - RTI Control System T3x Remote Control
  • Video Distribution - Pulse Eight Video distribution system
  • Acoustic Treatment - Vicoustic Vic Wallpaper