Case study / Home Cinema With Serious Seating


Home Cinema With Serious Seating

Creating a classic aesthetic for this cinema, which has hints of art deco and the golden age of cinema woven into the design, meant the performance of the cinema had to be especially high-class. Thankfully, the install team responsible in partnership with Pulse Cinemas created a system that exudes performance every bit as high-end as the interior design. 

A fullly immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound package was the order of the day for this cinema. Anthem processing and amplification gives the system the best foundation so as to offer impact and subtlety in equal measure.

High-quality Paradigm speakers are integrated into the walls and ceiling, to create an immersive audio experience that transports the owners into the different worlds they can explore through their cinema. 

A system like this also needs clean power and protection, which here is provided by IsoTek conditioning products.

In a classic cinema such as this, the sound must come from behind the screen for the front left, centre and right channels. This is achieved thanks to the Screen Research FS3 acoustically transparent screen which lets audio through, but still provides a world-class surface on which to project the content.

That content, in this instance, is provided by a SIM2 Nero 4S projector which offers the high-performance, reliability and bright performance required by the owners.

The audio in the cinema is further enhanced by the provision of a complete set of Vicoustic wall panels fitted into the make-up of the room. These focus and control the sound, making a great system sound even better.

With no element of this cinema being 'out of the box', the same sentiment can be extended to the stunning seating arrangement in this installation, which was completely customised to deliver the circular design nearest the screen and then banks of more conventional cinema chairs further back.

Pulse Cinemas installation partners were able to call on the best in the business here, as Fortress Seating created the fully bespoke seating for the whole room. Not only are those who enter the cinema treated to extreme comfort and an optimal viewing experience, the seating is a major part of creating the right aesthetic in the room.

The same can be said for the lighting in a cinema such as this. The Lutron QS lighting in this space really helps to accentuate the style and theme the designers were going for, with the classic up-lighting wall fixtures and the other carefully positioned lighting around the room.

RTI automation is also present, making control of all the lighting and AV equipment extremely easy, as well as providing scene-setting automatically when it is time to start watching or time for a break.

All of the joy of a fully loaded Kaleidescape Strato 4K player is also present in the room, offering a huge choice of top-level entertainment from movies, to music and much more.

The cinema also benefits from a Pulse-Eight video distribution system and IsoTek power cleaning and conditioning products. 

Pulse Cinemas Suggested Equipment List: Exclusive Cinema 

  • Processor - Anthem - AVM70 
  • Amplifiers - Anthem - MCA 525, STR Amplifier
  • Speakers - Atmos Paradigm - Persona 5F, Surrounds - Paradigm - CI Elite E7, LCR - Paradigm - CI Elite E80-R
  • Subwoofer - Paradigm - Defiance X15 (x2)
  • Power Conditioning - IsoTek
  • Screen - Screen Research - FS3 acoustically transparent screen
  • Projector - SIM2 - Nero 4S
  • Movie/Playback - Kaleidescape Strato 4K player
  • Seating - Fortress Seating 
  • Lighting - Lutron QS System
  • Control System - RTI with T2x Remote Control
  • Video Distribution - Pulse-Eight 
  • Acoustic Treatment - Vicoustic