Supplying the best brands around is only half the story at Pulse Cinemas. Backing those brands up with the very best in advice and technical support is the other vital half of the equation.

 An absolutely key member of the team delivering in this area, Simon takes the lead with client meetings at Pulse Cinemas HQ as well as on-site before, during and after project completion.

Simon also delivers CAD design, creating the blueprint of great cinemas including speaker choice and placement as well as acoustic design.

Simon also offers technical sales support, making sure all the right products are chosen for each project to create the best performing rooms possible.

Project management is another key part of Simon’s role making sure each install runs smoothly providing any technical and installation help needed along the way.

Simon also delivers calibration and setup for many of the systems including HAA and THX certified products ensuring the systems reach their highest potential.

Aftersales technical support is also part of Simon’s role, making sure systems keep making people happy long after the project is completed.

Away from work, Simon is a busy man too, with a 10-month-old son and is an enthusiastic participant in adventure sports and fitness (in fact Simon is an ex-Pro Rugby Union player).

 Simon is also interested in interior design and is a car fanatic. Cold beers and BBQs are also on the menu. 

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