“When you select a cable for a project, you just want to have confidence that it is going work, and give longevity, and Kordz delivers both those. However, the brand goes further and has designed its products for the real world, offering many features that make the life on an installer easier, with faster, easier, more reliable installations.”

Kapes Patel, Pulse Cinemas COO. 


The high-quality talents of Kordz cable products are now part of the Pulse Cinemas line up and are available from our on-line store.


Home cinema, automation and AV professionals know that strong cabling is a huge part of delivering the performance, longevity and reliability needed. 


Kordz is known globally for producing multi-award-winning products that deliver the highest commitment in producing practical, graceful, real-world products. A key concept for the company is ‘Predictable Reliability’, delivering its distributors and installers peace of mind, whatever the application.


Kordz products are engineered with higher-grade materials and processes that protect high-performance, reliability and flexibility, whilst meeting and exceeding all industry standards. Kordz cables are created to be easy to install and help deliver fuss free projects. 


Every single Kordz product is tested before it is shipped and is supported by a lifetime warranty.


Find out more about the brands’ HDMI, HDBaseT and AV friendly products right here