A portfolio of exclusive non-conflicting audiovisual brands carefully chosen to work cohesively with one another, comprehensive support services and world-class demonstration facilities makes us the first stop for audiovisual integrators looking to deliver home cinemas without compromise

Pulse Cinemas offer their network of home cinema installers unrivalled support services to ensure that they have every tool in their arsenal to deliver a world class project.
Mike Beatty - Managing Director, Pulse Cinemas


As a purveyor of fine home cinemas, you will need to be able to offer your customers an experience to suit their budget, at multiple locations in and around London, we have invested heavily in ensuring that you can offer an experience guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your clientele.


Pulse is proud to be able to add value to our distribution service wherever possible. We are a team of experienced professionals, trained to the highest standards in design & calibration so that we can take some of the weight off and give you the freedom to do more business.

The highest levels of video and audio performance can only be achieved through first-rate design and professional calibration regardless of the money spent. Creating authentic and immersive cinema experiences is what the team at Pulse are dedicated to, so deciding to offer these services as a value add for our products made all the sense in the world
Kapes Patel, Technical Director, Pulse Cinemas

Cinema Architecture

Pulse's team of designers are fluent in the latest Google SketchUp and AutoCAD creative suites to help you deliver comprehensive reports if required and beautiful renders guaranteed to meet and exceed the expectations of your client


THX develops the high-fidelity reproduction standards used by all commercial movie theatres. Essentially, the value in having your home cinema THX calibrated is that it ensures you watch the movie exactly as the director intended. Pulse Cinemas have a team of THX certified calibrators ready and able to support our dealer network. Learn more at THX.com by following the link.



The Home Acoustics Alliance® is a professional Home Theatre training organisation dedicated to promoting the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specific to home entertainment. Ensure your project is overseen by one of our HAA certified support team to guarantee your customer's satisfaction.