Where expectations are higher and audiovisual support is not as readily available it is of paramount importance that the solutions provided to Yachts are reliable, high quality and totally bespoke. 

Pulse Cinemas distribute a number of brands that set themselves apart in the factors that matter out at sea.

Equally as important as performance in a marine installation, is reliability, support and the ability to adapt to needs and requirements that other brands may find difficult if not impossible. James, Crestron & Kaleidescape all offer completely bespoke solutions adapted specifically for the most demanding of marine projects.
Stephen Carr - Kaleidescape Brand Ambassador, Pulse Cinemas


Movie Servers and players from Kaleidescape are present on many of the world's finest super and mega yachts for the storage and distribution of DVD, Blu-ray and CD content via a beautiful & intuitive user interface.

In 2019 they launch the world’s first dedicated marine movie service exclusively to cater to the luxury yacht market ensuring the highest quality tv and movies are available on-board without the need for expensive internet bandwidth.


BGW Amplifiers

BGW provide the amplification for systems at Abbey Road, Dreamworks, Disneyland and Warner Brothers just to name a few. For no frills / big power like this there are very few options and BGW are prolific in large marine projects across the globe.