Airzone allows simple control of AC and heating from the same interface.

Why choose Airzone?

The company allows users to have full control of the whole installation. Choose the temperature needed and prepare to enjoy the ultimate comfort experience. Control any system using Airzone smart thermostats or from a smartphone or tablet.

Aizone enables the control of AC and heating from the same interface and integrates with many of today’s home automation platforms including RTI and Lutron, both available from Pulse Cinemas. Creston and Control4 are also covered.

Energy and cost savings

Air conditioning consumption represents 40% of the total spending of a house or apartment on electrical energy and up to 60% in the case of the offices. By just combining an Airzone system with an Inverter unit, costs can be reduced by up to 53%.


Ideal temperatures for each zone with the comfort that only Airzone offers. Perfect for home or office. Control everything from a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Airzone R&D staff have developed the cornerstone of all the company’s solutions: the communication gateway. Thanks to the development of energy efficiency algorithms, these communication gateways enable the perfect integration between Airzone systems and the AC units of the main HVAC manufacturers in the market.

How does it work?

Airzone systems are normally composed by three types of elements: smart thermostats (one per zone or room), air diffusion elements (grilles or motorised dampers, electro-valves and individual units) and a main control board that analyses all the information, sets the operation point of all production units and regulates the performance of the diffusion units.

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