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What is D-BOX Technology?

D-BOX redefines entertainment experiences and creates ultra-realistic haptic technology that stimulates the entire body and that brings movies, series, games to life! Patented technology makes the brand the world’s top provider of motion cinema seating and through the haptic actuators, D-Box has been enhancing the way people experience entertainment for more than 25 years. By using a unique combination of movements, vibrations and textures that are felt throughout the entire body, D-BOX’s technology creates an immersive motion experience that brings favourite entertainment to life!

Why Choose D-BOX?

With D-BOX haptic technology, customers are plunged directly into the heart of your entertainment. The added layer of immersion amplifies emotions and provides a new way to experience favourite movies, TV shows, video games and more. With motion codes hand-crafted by D-BOX’s haptic designers to be perfectly synchronised to the action on screen, users feel every moment like never before! Plus, installers and end users can even personalise the experience by controlling the intensity of the motion directly in the HaptiSync app. 

How the magic happens

D-BOX delivers its revolutionary experience through 1.5” actuators installed and hidden under the home entertainment seat. These actuators communicate with the HaptiSync Hub, which automatically detects the content being played thanks to D-BOX's patented audio recognition technology! The Hub then sends the correct haptic track to the actuators, giving customers a seamless motion experience. 

The Movements, Vibrations And Textures 

To make the experience as realistic as possible, D-BOX doesn’t rely only on movement, but on vibrations and textures as well! This allows customers to feel things such as the rumble of different car engines in a movie and allows the audience to feel a difference if a character is running on concrete or on sand. 

Compatible Content

The D-BOX motion system is compatible with all the most popular streaming services, cable TV and PC video games, using more than 65,000 unique haptic effects. Created in collaboration with movie directors and Hollywood studios, these 65,000 effects are intended to make the experience as immersive as possible! All of this (and more!) is at user’s fingertips thanks to the D-BOX Connect Subscription and D-BOX’s catalogue of more than 2,500 coded titles, which makes it easier than ever to be blown away by any content. 

Our Solution

Pulse Cinemas supplies officially D-Box-ready seating via its exclusive supply into the UK of high-quality US manufacturer, Fortress Seating.

D-Box systems are available to drive single seats, love-seats and three-seater sofas, either via D-Box ready seats with in-built hard mounting points for the actuators, or via a motion platform that the seat sits on. Whatever your seating arrangement needs, D-Box and Pulse Cinemas has it covered. D-Box is available only from Pulse Cinemas’ nationwide network of professional installers and retailers. Get in touch to find out more. 

D-Box Home Cinema Range

D-Box Home Cinema Range

Available for demonstration at Pulse Cinemas HQ in Stansted and at a number of dealer showrooms in the UK, The Home Cinema range of motion controllers from D-box are compatible with most cinema specific seating brands including Fortress Seating, also distributed by Pulse Cinemas. 

For more information about the technology that goes into making D-box please visit the D-BOX website. . 

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