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Prismasonic: Widen your horizons!

Prismasonic, a dynamic Finnish company, since 2001 has pioneered the market for motorised anamorphic lenses based on both corrected prisms and cylindrical lenses.

Prismasonic offers fresh and innovative design solutions to build a complete viewing environment so that viewers get to see the movie as the director intended in the full wide screen format (2.39:1) used in commercial cinemas.

A projector with a high-quality anamorphic lens enables the use of an ultra-widescreen with side masking system, making it possible to present films in the same format used in commercial cinemas, taking home performance to a new level and delivering a genuine cinema experience. Often called Cinemascope, adding this capability to a home cinema adds an edge of drama and authenticity that is simply not possible in other formats.

When a projector delivers an image larger than the 16:9 ratio most are designed to produce, its copes by introducing black bars at the top and bottom of the image. This means films shot in 2.39:1 ratio (most modern releases) lose out, as up to 35% of the image is lost. In an UHD 4K image in Cinemascope, this means a huge almost two million pixels are wasted.

Prismasonic systems solve this issue and reinstate the whole image so viewers can enjoy all of the movie, all of the time.

What is more, Prismasonic does all of this automatically. All the company‚Äôs Cinomorph anamorphic lenses have the horizontal expansion optics needed, supporting perfectly a constant height, 2.39:1 Cinemascope image when the content requires it. If not, the screen masking and projector revert to 16:9 format.

Easy implementation

All of this expanded world of home cinema comes in easy to fit and control components, which can be adapted and repeated across many different projects. Rapidly shipped and easily installed, home cinemas can enjoy all of the benefits of Cinemascope performance with minimum fuss. This concept is the first system that is able to deliver a modular solution with all the accessories, with an excellent AV performance and at a price that will surprise.

Prismasonic performance is only available right across the UK from retailers and custom installers who have a relationship with Pulse Cinemas.

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